happy (late) galentine’s

this post will be dedicated to my two lovely galentines!!! One I have known for six years and the other I have known for 2 1/2 years.

Dear Katie,

We met in yearbook, planning our weddings and lives on Pinterest, and never doing our work. (Shoutout to the one good thing that came out of my time at Central 🙂 ) You’re one of the first people that knew I was pregnant, and I knew you’d be a friend for life when you never told anyone and stuck by my side. You have been so supportive of Hunter and I since day one. You’ve also been so supportive of me as a student, a mom, and simply a friend. I am so proud to call you one of my best friends and I am so proud of you for getting into UGA! You’re going to make such an impact in the world. You’ve already made such an impact on me. I cannot wait to see where life takes us and our friendship.

I love you dearly!





Dear Kimmie,

Oh, the story of our friendship is a funny one. It started out with us briefly meeting at a church weekend thing, but we really met when I started dating her brother. That did not last very long at all, but that is how we really met. Then fast forward five months later, I started dating her ex, and let me tell you, we H A T E D each other. She hated me because I was dating her man, and I hated her because she had dated my man. Silly teenage girl stuff, am I right? Anyways, she disliked me SO much that she almost did not go on a mission trip that Hunter and I were also going on. Luckily, she did go and that is where Kimmie and I really became friends. Since then, a lot of crazy stuff has happened. Even though I did not have an “official” maid of honor at my wedding, Kimmie was my maid of honor and helped me get ready, and has just really been there for me from the get-go. When Hunter told her we were pregnant she was not negative in the least bit, she has been so supportive. Also, we are both teen moms, (p.s. I can not wait for Brooks & Wren to date 😉 ) which has really brought us closer. I wish I had half the amount of guts you have to say whatever is on your mind. We both have a passion for mission work, so maybe that will take our friendship further one day. I cannot wait to see where God takes us, and I am so grateful for a friend like you.





Anyways, I love you both, and happy galentine’s!!!

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