Top 11 Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Teen Mom

Being a teenage mother comes with a lot of negative connotations. Now, I am not advocating for all 16-17-year-olds to go out and get pregnant, I am simply saying that our specific situation has been a blessing, but not without struggles. So here is a list of 6 advantages and 5 disadvantages of being a teen mom:

  1. We are young enough that once Brooks is older and wants to play all of the time, we won’t have to worry about throwing our backs out playing catch with him!
  2. Having a super cute baby makes focusing on schoolwork extremely difficult.
  3. Knowing this kind of selfless love at such a young age has taught me a lot (I will make another post about things I have learned as a mother).
  4. Having a baby at such a young age has made our new marriage difficult at times, but never impossible.
  5. Having a baby so early has and will keep me from making many mistakes later on in life. I would much rather have a baby right now than be out drinking until 2 a.m., hungover at class the next morning (but hey, if that is your style, you do you).
  6. People are extremely judgemental at times.
  7. There is so much joy added to your life whenever a child comes into it. Brooks has made every day better than my last.
  8. Any rumor about you sleeping with anyone or anything bad automatically becomes true in other people’s eyes because people can be judgemental.
  9. Having Brooks has brought me and my husband, Hunter, so much closer together and to God.
  10. Hunter and I did not get to have much time as a married couple before we had a child.
  11. Whatever adventures we go on in life, Brooks gets to be a part of them!!!
  12. BONUS!!!!!! Even when Brooks is like 25, I will still get to be a young, hot mom!!!!!

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