3 m o n t h s/my reaction to finding out I was pregnant

3 months

Brooks Gatlin Pardue turned 3 months old today. It has been three months filled with laughter, love, and overwhelming joy. He is a professional spit-bubble-blower (he’s going to make some killer cash doing it). He loves to make silly faces and smile when others do them back. He loves to jump. He hates being burped and fights sleep like nobody’s business.


Becoming a mom has been the biggest surprise and the most amazing blessing in my life. While I do understand that my actions were frowned upon by some, I will never say that I regret nor will I say that the actions made that brought Brooks into the world were a mistake. How could you ever call such a blessing a mistake? Many people have asked me how I reacted when I found out that I was pregnant. My initial thought when Hunter and I took the test was “you cannot do this”, my second thought was “you do not have a choice”. Not in an “I am trapped” manner, but I knew I did not have the heart to abort a child and I would not be able to carry him for nine months then give him away. I am so beyond happy with the choice that I made.

My choice

Now, I’m not going to make this into a political post, but please, if you ever are in the position, never abort your child. Think of all the amazing memories you will make with that child. Even if the father is not involved. If you are afraid you cannot do it financially, there is government funding. If you are worried about your family/loved ones hating you or disowning you, they will be upset, but they will get over it or it is their loss to miss out on such a miracle. If you do not want to raise a child, at least give him or her up for adoption because there are a billion people who wish they could have children, yet are unable. I will never regret my decision to keep my baby, and neither would you.img_8911b3dbfb57-949e-44ac-86ce-de992b6ffaac29019b51-98b6-4a9a-9690-55ad84e6649c5e6d3450-c28e-41ac-9ec8-331b238c53e2491bfd19-105a-4f56-9bba-c2aa767d6df92bf45d7c-761f-4f1e-b907-9f6ed2f8fd98


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