why i chose the bee

Some of you may be wondering, why does her logo include a honeybee? Well, to be completely honest with you, I just thought the bee was cute until I looked into it’s symbolism.

Did you know that bees should not be able to fly? Aerodynamically, it should be impossible. But those same little bees that should not being able to fly, also are an enormous and vital part of our ecosystem. If we did not have bees, it is likely that our Earth would fall apart.

What the bee means to me is that even when everyone is telling you that your dreams and ambitions are impossible, you can beat every odd and statistic there is. Look at me for instance.

Statistics say that teen mothers have a 40% chance of graduating high school, and a 2% chance of finishing college before the age of 30. Guess what? I’m going to graduate from college at 20, before most people without a child would.

52% of marriages before the age of 18 fail. I guarantee you right now, Hunter and I will be married until the day we die and even after that we will be married in eternity.

Every statistic in the world is going against me, but I will do the impossible. I will beat the world’s predictions of my life. And you will too. And I couldn’t do it without God.

Whoever is telling you that you cannot do mission work because you’re too materialistic? Prove them wrong. Whoever says you can’t go to college because you’re not smart enough? Prove them wrong. That person that makes you feel like you’re not good enough? Prove them wrong.

Beat the aerodynamics of your design and fly, baby.

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