contouring your life to Jesus

Hey everyone! Experiencing a major writer’s block currently with a lot of stressful stuff going on, so I am sharing this little thing that I wrote back in 2015. It is simple and in my opinion a little bit “cringey”, however, I think it has a good message to it, therefore I am sharing it. Hope you enjoy!


To start things off here, let it be known that I am NO makeup artist. Half of the time I do not even wear it. Well last night, I decided to go buy a contour kit and try this out. This morning, I called my best friend Mally (who thinks she is a makeup artist) to ask what order you are supposed to put this stuff on: Do you put on foundation then the contour or the contour, then the foundation? She told me to put on my foundation and then my powder, and I did so. I contoured my face just like the directions said, and in MY lighting, it looked amazing! So I got the other end of my house and ask my mom to check it out. She takes me outside so that “we can see how everyone else would see it”. She made this face and I asked, “What is it? Too dark? Did I not blend it well enough?” She answered my question with, “No it is blended, but I can’t even tell it is there, there is no difference.” I was really disappointed, so I went back to my room to finish getting ready and it hit me! I call Mally back and ask, “What kind of foundation do you use??” She told me she uses a thick, creamy foundation. You see, I use a really thin foundation that barely holds powder, so it would not hold my contour at all!!!

This is when God gave me a realization. You can’t contour your life to be like Jesus without a thick foundation. If all we do is announce that we are saved and get baptized, but then do nothing else, nothing is going to change. Buuut, maybe it does look different to you. In YOUR lighting, you see a whole new you and how different you are. But once you get into the light everyone else is in, there is no difference, to you or anyone else. We are going to be exactly like we were before. Until the moment we surrender our entire life to Jesus and surround ourselves with a Christ-filled community (such as a smallgroup, a church, or Jesus loving friends),

read God’s word on a daily basis, spend daily time in prayer, and have some form of accountability to keep you on the right track, your life will NOT change, you will not see your life contoured to Jesus. However, when you do all these things and build this strong foundation, you will see your life transformed. People will tell you they see something different in you and there will be this undeniable beautiful change in your life and in you. But until you find that right foundation, your contour will not stick.

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